Project Labor Market Intelligence

Uncertainty is the enemy of effective project planning, creating high marketplace risk. The CURT-endorsed CLMA® provides cutting-edge tools to help overcome uncertainty and risk. The 20/20 Foresight Report is an online tool updated constantly by our highly skilled analysts and economists to help you understand the economics of construction labor market risk. The CLMA® Market Intelligence portal and database helps you visualize high-value market supply/demand information. These tools enable confident understanding of the construction skilled labor market in the context of the overall U.S. and regional economies.

Online 20/20 Foresight Report Benefits:

  • National and regional macroeconomic construction perspective
  • Economic indices and construction employment tracking and context for project and labor planning
  • Dynamic supply/demand shortage rankings (Base-to-Peak charts) by state and region for dozens of craft disciplines
  • Skilled worker age and retirement trends by craft discipline
  • Quarterly analysis on the impact of oil/gas prices on construction

Market Intelligence Portal Benefits:

  • Dynamic regional labor demand scenarios by region/state/zip code
  • Dynamic demand data in visual and tabular formats

Skilled Labor Wage & Per Diem Data Benefits:

  • Craft labor wage & per diem data by state and zip code
  • Visualize and manage hourly wages and per diems for key skilled craft on a state-by-state and local basis for project entry and planning
  • Import/Export all data in a tabular format

Confidently Address the Following Labor Challenges:

  • Which crafts are needed? When? Where?
  • How many craft workers are available? Where are they?
  • Is available supply sufficient to meet demand?
  • Project labor risk planning and mitigation
  • Project labor cost contingency management
  • Project planning and scheduling
  • Modularization and prefabrication decision-making

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